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Peaceful Candle and Flowers

Our mission is to facilitate, advocate and coordinate broad-based peace and development initiatives for the peaceful co-existence of people nationally and regionally. We work to create a peaceful and an accessible platform where everyone has an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of engagement in the community. 

We endeavour to provide innovative support systems to enhance lifestyle, learning and vocational opportunities for people with their families and carers. We strive to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold human rights and create opportunities that holistically empower our brothers and sisters to live the life that they choose and/or desire

  • Inclusiveness: We are guided by the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence. We are committed to ethical and responsible actions and activities in the service of communities and people.

  • Peace: We are committed to continued improvement and delivery of high-quality peace building and capacity building programs to our community members.

  • Community Neutrality: All our programs and services are impartial and serve to promote peaceful interactions amongst all our community members and the nations at large.

  • Integrity and accountability: we are honest, transparent and accountable for our efforts and consistently maintain high moral standards in all that we do.

  • Excellence: we continually seek to improve our cooperation and do things right the first time and always be prepared for future and unforeseen occurrences.

  • Respect: we demonstrate respect for one another and the people that we serve across the world.

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