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US commits additional USD 3 million to Maldives

The United States of America has committed an additional USD 3 million to Maldives.

The US committed the additional assistance with the ninth amendment to the Development Objective Grant Agreement (DOAG) signed by Maldivian State Minister for Foreign Affairs Ahmed Khaleel and USAID Mission Director Gabriel Grau in a ceremony at the Foreign Ministry on Monday.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the additional USD 3 million will go to improve Maldives’ technical capacity to manage public finances and improve the resilience of Maldives’ economic and democratic governance.

The DOAG, a landmark development cooperation agreement, was signed between Maldives and the US on March 12, 2019.

To date, eight amendments have been brought to this agreement, bringing the total contribution from the US to USD 25.94 million.

The signing ceremony of the ninth amendment to the DOAG was witnessed by senior officials from the Foreign Ministry, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Bureau of Asia, and officials from USAID Mission to the Maldives.

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