Urgent medical supplies worth over USD 2.7 million donated to Sri Lanka

Medical supplies worth over USD 2.74 million have been donated by HOPE Worldwide, a leading international humanitarian organization in the United States, to provide immediate relief to Sri Lankans.

This is in collaboration with the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington DC.

This brings the total medical assistance to Sri Lanka from American organizations to over USD 12 million during the past week.

“We are thankful for the generous donation of $2.74 million in medical supplies from Hope Worldwide coordinated by the Sri Lankan Embassy in US to provide immediate relief to Sri Lankans, bringing the total medical assistance from American organizations to over $12 million in the past week,” the US Embassy in Colombo said in a tweet.

Steps have been taken to provide medicines and medical supplies worth over Rs. 4,600 million (USD 12 million) with the intervention of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington DC.

Mr. Mahinda Samarasinghe, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Washington DC, recently said that he would continue to work with humanitarian organizations and agencies to get assistance for the vulnerable people in Sri Lanka and expressed his gratitude to the institutes, Heart to Heart International, Hope Worldwide, and Americares for their generosity extended at this occasion.

Heart to Heart International had sent a shipment of drugs worth of USD 9.131 million last July as well. The value of the aid sent by Americares in September was over USD 773,000. The value of the aid to be sent to Sri Lanka in the first week of October by the Hope Worldwide is over USD 2.74 million.

The Ministry of Health which takes charge of the shipments will provide detailed distribution reports to the donors specifying the recipients and local destinations for these medicines and medical supplies.