UNFPA and Red Cross Raise Alarm About Poverty in Afghanistan

The UN Populaion Fund (UNFPA) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) expressed concerns over the worsening of the economic situation in Afghanistan.

The ICRC has warned that poverty is a “serious threat to the Afghans.”

“Tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs and struggle to make ends meet. Without international support, the situation will get worse,” the ICRC said. “More investment in the country is needed to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.”

Afghanistan has recently faced high unemployment, and more than half of its population is suffering from food insecurity.

Aynoor Uzbik worked for three years as deputy head of the Kabul municipality but she become jobless after the fall of the former government.

“I had 80 to 90% of the responsibility for my children and family over the last year. I have passed tough days of my life because we were promised that our salaries would be paid but they didn’t stick to their promises,” she said.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said in a report that Afghanistan remains in the throes of a deep economic and humanitarian crisis.

“Soaring food and fuel prices have left an estimated 95 percent of the population on the brink of starvation, and caused unprecedented levels of malnutrition, including among pregnant women,” the report reads.

Abdul Naseer Tarai, an economist, said he believes that the Islamic Emirate must engage with the international community.

“Our government is obliged to engage with the US and other countries to improve our economy,” he said.

Earlier, the Food and Agriculture Organization and World Food Program said in a report that six million Afghans are facing an emergency level of food insecurity.