To de-bunk the indian propaganda to sabotage Pak-China eco cooperation (CPEC)

India has perpetually been involved in false propaganda against CPEC. On 12 May, Indian newspapers carried propaganda news - Protests in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) over secret land deals with China. It is public knowledge that India along with other international players have been involved in efforts to sabotage CPEC. RAW has dedicated millions of dollars to destabilize Balochistan and sponsor terrorist activities like killings of Chinese experts/ engineers to strike direct blow to Pak-China economic relations. The people of GB are fully aware of the fact that they are the prime beneficiary of the CPEC and the projects will bring uplift in the development of the complete region. GB has a massive potential for international and national tourism. At present, the mainstay of the GB economy is tourism and CPEC will open a great number of avenues for prosperity of the region and people. Indian federation is facing serious threats from inside and is destined to implode within. The world is aware that Indian statecraft is based on falsehood and propaganda to conceal its own internal problems.