SL ambassador calls for closer collaboration between the tea industries of Fujian and SL

Addressing the Maritime Silk Road International Tea Culture Forum 2022, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to China, Dr. Palitha Kohona observed that the Sri Lanka tea, the world renowned Ceylon Cha, probably originated in Fujian, China, which already boasted a tea culture exceeding 2500 years.

Like Sri Lanka, Fujian also produced black tea but since the introduction of the tea plant to Sri Lanka 160 years ago it has evolved acclimatizing to local conditions producing a delicious brew loved the world over.

Today Fujian, especially Futin, has become the capital of the Silver Tip. Fujian produces USD 2.5 billion worth of silver tips annually. Like in Sri Lanka, the majority of the tea is produced in small holdings in Fujian.

The rural upliftment and industry modernization programs, including modern research and the employment of science, use of better techniques, attractive packaging and sophisticated awareness enhancement by government authorities have resulted in dynamically transforming the industry and also, in the process, eliminating poverty in the rural Fujian tea region, the Ambassador noted.

Living standards in producing areas have improved dramatically. There were many valuable lessons to be learned from Fujian.

In 2021, Fujian imported 3.66 million Kgs of tea from Sri Lanka reflecting the increasing popularity of Sri Lankan tea in China.

Uniquely, 70% of Fujian is covered by forests and thus contributing to its reputation for clean ecologically grown tea. The stunning Taimu Mountain in Futin is a UNESCO Heritage Site. A new product coming from Futin is the eminently drinkable white tea bear.