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Resistant media and repressive strategy of modi government in IIOJK

Journalism has always been dangerous in Kashmir, where journalists currently operate under a shadow of dread. Analysts and journalists from Kashmir have denounced Modi's actions against the freedom of the press and the Indian media, saying that this has hurt Kashmiri journalism. Article in New York Time underlining that Modi regime is intimidating media to serve as government mouthpieces, creating on information vacuum in the region of 13 million people. Media stands as one of the last remaining institutions capable of halting India’s plunge into authoritarianism. Press freedom won't be the only thing at risk if the Indian government is successful in spreading the Kashmir model of media control to the rest of the nation; Indian democracy itself would also be at peril. This article (NYT) claims that the Indian government.

According to a recent New York Times article, the Indian government felt compelled to arm thousands of civilians in one of the most militarised regions of the world. This demonstrates the government's forceful approach to controlling IIOJK.

Yet, the establishment of these organisations would also heighten hostilities between Hindu and Muslim people in these regions, particularly when Hindu populations are armed and encouraged to perpetrate atrocities against Muslims and breaches of human rights. In the Kashmir Valley's Srinagar, Pulwama, Shopian, Kulgam, and Islamabad districts, the NIA teams conducted raids while being escorted by Indian police and the Central Reserve Police Force. Alarms have been aroused by the targeted effort against Muslims because all cases were reported by the NIA as a result of a solemn order.

India presents itself as the world's largest functioning democracy, a secular state that upholds the right to free speech and offers protection to its inhabitants, but the reality is quite different. Journalists have frequently faced threats in Kashmir. A typical journalist's life has included censorship, intimidation, assault, and life-threatening threats. During 2019, Modi led BJP administration under the Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act (PSA) had detained several journalists on false accusation, on the excuse that they have been misguiding common masses by propagating fake news against the government and its policies. India's persistent use of coercion and force to suppress individuals who speak out against its heinous crimes and flagrant violations of human rights in IIOJK.

Also, in the most recent development, India has begun arming Jammu civilians to combat terrorists while disguising themselves as VDGs. The leaders of the IIOJK, who support freedom, are the targets of a crackdown by Indian law enforcement agencies as part of a political vendetta. All the Indian flagrant violations and HRAs have failed to quiet the voices of Kashmiri people demanding their right of self-determination as per UN resolution.

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