Religious Persecution in IIOJK by India

India is using new tactics to arrest prominent Kashmiri religious leaders to silence their voices and pave the way for the coercive implementation of the Hindutva agenda. In an unprovoked move, Indian law enforcement agencies have launched a crackdown on the religious leadership of the IIOJK. In a recent incident, Indian police have arrested Hurriyat leader Maulana Sarjan Barkati from Shopian district. Maulana Barkati's arrest comes two days after three prominent religious leaders, Maulana Abdul Rasheed, Mushtaq Ahmed and Abdul Majeed Dar, were arrested and booked under the Black Law. Freedom of expression was already curtailed at the IIOJK as activists and journalists were being prosecuted under the draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) and the Indian government arrested religious scholars to suppress their voices. . Political activists took this initiative in the Indian occupied territory It marked the beginning of an Indian design to forcefully seize and occupy prominent religious places as well as Waqf Board lands and properties. The BJP-led government has already taken over the Waqf Board. The arrest of religious leaders is a pre-emptive measure to deprive the Kashmiri people of any leadership. The Kashmiri leadership has consistently pointed out that the BJP is occupying all the religious and politically important places and positions in the Kashmir Valley to destroy its Muslim identity. Since 2019, the Kashmiri political leadership has been under prolonged detention, while hundreds of journalists, human rights activists and lawyers have also been put behind bars in the IIOJK. The fascist Modi government stripped the state of its special status, issued domicile certificates to millions of non-Kashmiris, changed land laws to allow outsiders to buy property in Kashmir, reshuffled political circles in favor of Hindus. Made and also gave the right to vote to more than 25 lakh non-Kashmiris. All this is being done to change the demography of Kashmir. Despite the condemnation and criticism of serious human rights violations by UNHRC, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, India has completely ignored its obligations regarding international norms and sanctions. .

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Ø Currently, the entire pro-independence leadership under the Modi government is in jails or under house arrest while hundreds of journalists, human rights activists, lawyers and political activists have also been put behind bars in the IIOJK. Authorities are gradually picking up anyone they believe has the potential to influence the public or expose serious human rights violations.

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