Release the Muslim journalist - Muhammad Zubair

Indian police have arrested Muhammad Zubair, co-founder of leading journalist News, in New Delhi. He has been attacked by Hindu nationalists for making hate speeches by several Hindu monks and Hindutva politicians, including Yeti Narsingh Nand, Mahant Bajrang Mani, Anand Soorup and Nopur Sharma. Many in India, including opposition leaders, journalists, rights activists and thousands of social media users, are demanding the immediate release of Alt News co-founder and journalist Muhammad Zubair. To protect journalists, the international community also called on the authorities to release Zubair immediately. Steven Butler, CPJ's Asia program coordinator in Washington, said: "The arrest of journalist Muhammad Zubair is another setback for freedom of the press in India, where the government Has created an unsafe environment. " Highlighted as a sign of such arrest. In the Lok Sabha, Congress whip Manikam Tagore also demanded immediate release of the journalist. Many journalists and politicians have highlighted the nature of the alleged crime for which Zubair was paid - exposing hate speech.