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Indian Army Attacks Journalists In Manipur

The Indian Army forces beat three journalists who were reporting the unrest in Imphal, the troubled state of Manipur in India.

The journalists were attacked with batons by army personnel while they were filming a burning building from a construction site in the New Checkon area of Imphal, according to the Imphal Free Press.

The journalists were Soram Inaoba, Nongthombam Johnson, and Brahmacharimayum Dayananda from the news agency ANI.

On May 22, after a crowd had set homes on fire in Imphal's more Checkon market, there were reports of more violence in Manipur.

The All Tribal Students' Union of Manipur organised a protest march on May 3 in opposition to the dominant Meitei community's desire to be classified as a Scheduled Tribe.

This led to the first reports of tensions in the northeastern state. Over 35,000 people have been displaced and at least 73 people have died in the confrontations.

The Chief Minister, N Biren Singh, received a plea from the All Manipur Working Journalists' Union, Editors' Guild Manipur, and Manipur Hill Journalists' Union requesting the suspension of the army officers responsible for the assault on the journalists.

The organisations for journalists said that this was a flagrant infringement of the right of journalists to report on an occurrence since they were attacked despite being recognised as on-duty media members.

Following an altercation between them and members of the local Christian community at Rajewal village, on the Jandiala Guru-Tarn Taran road in Punjab state, the rural police have booked one Ranjit Singh and some of his unknown accomplices on charges of attempt to murder and hurting religious sentiments.

This is all happening while in the Indian city of Amritsar. Johnson, the head of the Sukhpal Rana Ministries (church) in Rajewal village, reported to the police that numerous people wearing Nihang clothing had come at the church during a Sunday morning prayer.

The Nihangs disrespected the sacred Christian texts under Ranjit Singh's leadership. The bunch of Nihangs also attacked some worshippers and vandalised numerous nearby vehicles.

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