‘High stakes’: India at UN on displaced Myanmar nationals' repatriation

India on Tuesday said it has high stakes in the resolution of the issue of repatriation of the displaced persons from Rakhine state of Myanmar, news agency ANI reported.

Emphasising that India is the only country which shares a long border with both Myanmar and Bangladesh, R Madhu Sudan, the counsellor at permanent mission of India to the United Nations, said that India has been consistently advocating practical, pragmatic and enduring solutions to the issue. "Towards this end, our support has been for the people on the ground at both Cox's Bazar and Rakhine state," news agency ANI quoted Madhu Sudan. “We commend Bangladesh for hosting million displaced persons in its territory. We believe that it is important for the international community to recognize and understand the humanitarian burden that Bangladesh continues to face and the efforts it has undertaken to ensure the well-being of the displaced persons,” he added.

Madhu Sudan urged the international community to enhance its support financially and otherwise towards the efforts of the Bangladesh government and also assist in ensuring that issues related to radicalisation in the camps and other security challenges are addressed in an expeditious manner.