Hate speech FIR to pacify BJP supporters, says Owaisi

New Delhi : Delhi police have registered an FIR against AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi for hate speech after which Owaisi said that this was done to pacify BJP supporters. He said Delhi Police is suffering from “both sideism” or “balance-waad” syndromes.

After registration of FIR he said, “I’ve received an excerpt of the FIR. This is the first FIR I’ve seen that’s not specifying what the crime is. Imagine an FIR about a murder where cops don’t mention the weapon or that the victim bled to death. I don’t know which specific remarks of mine have attracted the FIR.”

He alleged: “Delhi Police lacks the courage to pursue cases against Yati, Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, etc. This is why the delayed and weak response. In fact, Yati has violated his bail conditions repeatedly by inciting genocide against Muslims and insulting Islam.”

Owaisi alleged, “Delhi Police were probably trying to think of a way of registering an FIR against these people without offending Hindutvadi fanboys/girls. Delhi Police is suffering from “both sideism” or “balance-waad” syndromes. One side has openly insulted our Prophet while the other side has been named to assuage BJP supporters & make it look like there was hate speech on both sides.”

Owaisi said that the hate speech was by ruling party spokespersons and by prominent “Dharam Gurus” with close links to the ruling party.