Freebie culture dangerous for country's development: Modi

ORAI (JALAUN): Launching a scathing attack on opposition parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the free 'revadi' (freebies) culture started by them was dangerous for the country.

“Nowadays efforts are being made to collect votes by distributing free ‘revadis’ and the people, especially the youth, should guard against it," he said while inaugurating the 296-km Bundelkhand Expressway in Orai tehsil of Jalaun district on Saturday.

Using 'revadi', a north Indian dish distributed during festivals, as a metaphor to especially target SP and Aam Aadmi Party, which promised a slew of freebies during the recently concluded assembly polls, the PM said: “Those who follow ‘revadi’ culture will never build new expressways, new airports or defence corridors for you. The people of this mindset feel that they will buy voters by distributing free ‘revadi’. Together, we have to defeat this thinking; we have to free the politics of the country from this culture. The government of double engine is not adopting the shortcut of distributing free ‘revadi’, but is working hard to improve the future of the state,” he said.

Earlier, people would believe that only big cities have the right over modern modes of conveyance, but now not only the government has changed but also the way of governance, he said. "Yeh Modi hai, Yeh Yogi hai. We are leaving archaic thoughts behind," he said amid thunderous applause. The PM said that he had been visiting UP for decades and has been working as the country’s PM for the past eight years.

“Poor law and order and connectivity were the two major issues of the state. I always thought if these two issues are addressed then UP can fight against all odds,” he said, adding, “Now, law and order has also improved under the Yogi ji-led government and connectivity is also improving rapidly.”

The PM said that UP was ready to sprint at a fast pace with new resolutions. “Yehi Sabka Saath Hai Aur Sabka Vikas hai’ (This is true collective development). Let no one be left behind. The government of double engine is continuously working. The small districts of UP should be connected with air service, for this also work is being done expeditiously,” he said.