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Fragments of the “Holy Idol” of Narendra Modi

Faheem Haider

If you ask an ordinary Hindu in India for his opinion about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he usually praises him.

The main argument is that Modi is not a corrupt leader...he did not amass wealth through corruption like other politicians, he did not build palaces by looting the government treasury, he did not accumulate illegal earnings in foreign accounts, he did not build properties or businesses. Spread all over the world. He also auctions the gifts of the coffin and donates the money to social organizations.

The second argument is that he gave honor and fame to the Hindu nation. Now the Hindus are the real rulers of India. Otherwise, earlier secular leaders were ruling, who kept the minorities on their heads. And the last argument is that Modi is a good administrator or good governance. He is the leader. He will die by making India a super power.

It is clear from the words of ordinary Hindus that Modi has become a god in the eyes of his fans and followers who are crores in numbers. They believe that no wrongdoing can be done by Modi and that he is a 'putr' i.e. pure.

Being religiously extremist, many of Modi's followers believe that his policy of targeting Muslims is justified. They call it Modi's jihad against Muslims. They claim that Hindus in India have been in power for centuries. They were suffering oppression.

Modi made him the ruler of India again. He reminded the Indian Muslims of his times and told them that he is not the ruler of India but a subordinate of the Hindus. That is why Modi is like a god and worthy of worship.

The opinion of general Hindus in India, especially about Narendra Modi, is a classic example of a process first highlighted by Joseph Goebbels, the minister of the German dictator Hitler.

The result of this propaganda is that the common man, due to his limited intellect and narrow-mindedness, cannot see the hidden truth behind the lie and accepts the appearance. They then blindly trusts the lie.

Just look at the case of Modi. It is true that Modi is apparently not interested in wealth and worldly things. Taking away his passion, it is said that he likes fine clothes. But this outward model of simplicity is fraud and deception can be wrapped in clothing.

The reason is that Modi is a staunch Hindu and nationalist. It is possible that he takes bribes known as commissions in government contracts.

This money is then used for the activities of his nationalist Hindu party, the RSS. Why, after all, has the RSS become the largest non-governmental organization in India today? Its "30,000" educational institutions. Millions of children read it. There are thousands of institutions of social service besides this. On the pretext of this service, the RSS makes a place in the hearts of the Hindu masses and gets votes for its political wing, the BJP.

RSS collects donations from the Hindu public for its activities but it is not enough to cover the heavy expenses of the organization. These expenses are met by extorting money from Hindu and non-Hindu nobles under one or the other pretext. For example, by saying that give money for the promotion of Hinduism or financial help to poor co-religionists then now there is RSS government.

If someone wants to steal, a call from Modi's office will correct his mood. Modi's simplicity and disinterestedness seem pretentious and dramatic because his practical life consists of lies and deceit.

For example, let's take his married life, which is a very important measure to know the character and personality of any person. The way a person behaves with his wife and children at home is a reflection of his true personality. And Modi's home life proves him to be a liar and a cruel person.

In 1968, when Modi was eighteen years old, he got married. But he left the new bride and ran away. He wandered around India for two years. When he came back, he was a propagandist of the Hindu nationalist organization, the RSS. (Part-time worker). Since only unmarried men could become pracharaks, Modi hid the fact that he is married.

It was his big lie that came to light decades later in 2014 when Modi started contesting parliamentary elections. Then a law made it mandatory for candidates to disclose their marital status. His wife, Yashudha, is still angry with her husband but cannot protest openly. She is in danger, her powerful husband can harm her. That is why the poor woman, victim of Modi's oppression, is living a quiet life.

Yashodha's life was destroyed as religious extremism and nationalism engulfed Modi. Both these views are deadly poison for man.

It teaches him to hate other human beings. It is because of these views that humans become animals and harm other humans. In this regard, Modi's actions are in front of everyone. Under his leadership, Hindu extremists are inflicting endless atrocities on Indian Muslims, Christians and Dalits, just so that the voice of Hinduism can be raised.

In the matter of education too, Modi lied and kept the real facts hidden. Modi claims that in 1978 he did BA in Political Science by correspondence from School of Open Learning of Delhi University and got third class. Then in 1983 he managed to do MA in Political Science by correspondence from Gujarat University and got first class.

However, both Delhi University and Gujarat University do not have records of Modi's degrees. This fact shows that there is no record of Modi's education and it is quite possible that he did not even matriculate.

Until 1985, Modi was a local leader in the RSS. The same year, the RSS handed him over to its political wing, the BJP. Then, he began his campaign across India to build a Ram temple in place of the Hindu nationalist Babri Masjid. Modi actively participated in this campaign. He successfully organized jalsa processions and thus became a well-known leader among Hindu nationalists.

Thus, by taking part in negative activities against Muslims, Modi has progressed politically. A leader who practices politics of hatred is accepted only in a country where religious extremism is rampant due to ignorance and the majority adheres to their religious beliefs. In the pride of being the best, they started oppressing the minorities.

It was Modi's habit to make inflammatory speeches against Muslims in RSS and BJP meetings. He used to speak falsely and spread rumors about Islam and Muslims. For example, that the Muslim rulers oppressed the Hindus for the last eight hundred years, or that the Muslims forcibly converted the idolaters into Muslims. So now the Hindus also have the right to oppress the Muslims. He used to speak aggressively against the natives and insult them.

At the end of the 20th century, Modi was made the chief minister of Gujarat state to consolidate the BJP. Modi was the leader of the lower caste. Therefore, the local Brahmin leaders of the BJP refused to recognize his leadership. .

Modi was about to be recalled back to New Delhi, a mysterious incident made him overnight from zero to the "Harde Samrat" (king of hearts) of the Hindu nation. It happened that on the morning of February 27, 2002, in the Gujarati city of Godhra. But there was a clash between Hindu nationalists and Muslims. Meanwhile, the train carriages mysteriously caught fire and sixty-nine passengers were killed.

Hindu nationalists immediately blamed Muslims for setting the fire. After this incident, Modi gave an open license to the goons of Hindu nationalist organizations to attack Muslims. He instructed the police not to block the way of the goons. However, the rioters killed thousands of Muslims. Their houses, shops. And the office was looted and burnt. Women were desecrated.

Thus under the leadership of Modi, thousands of people in Gujarat became worse than animals. The state machinery remained a spectator on Modi's orders. Even an entire division of the Indian Army was kept away from the riot areas for two days even though its commander was a Muslim major. He was a general.

Conscientious Indians started criticizing Modi for the genocide of Gujarati Muslims. He was brought out of this isolation by a Gujarati billionaire, Gautam Adani. That is why, Modi started lavishing lavish and illegal favors on him. The illicit nexus of the two has recently been highlighted by a report by an American company.

This is the story of nepotism and trampling the law under feet, which brought out another dark and disgusting side of Narendra Modi. Actually God is late, not dark! The aura of sanctity and respect that Modi's followers had built around him took a major blow with the Adani scandal.

There are basically two groups of people living in the world: good people and bad people. It is only the actions of a person that make him belong to one group.

And if Modi's actions are seen, an unbiased person will immediately put him in the category of bad people. But Hindus who worship Modi see no fault in him. While the rulers of powerful countries support Modi due to economic interests.

The sad thing is that some Arab rulers have also grown close to Modi for economic benefits. They have forgotten the Islamic unity and Muslim brotherhood that was fostered by Muslim leaders like Shah Faisal, Colonel Gaddafi and Sheikh Zayed.

These leaders supported the Indian Muslims and opposed the Hindu nationalists on every platform. There are no more courageous rulers like him in the Islamic world.

It is clear from the above facts that Narendra Modi is a bad person. He misbehaved with his wife and did not fulfill his duties as a husband. When he entered politics, he made it his motto to oppress Muslims. Then billionaires like Adani turned back and became Modi's supporters.

With the help of their capital, Modi was able to become the prime minister. This is the reason, Modi started making such government policies to bring benefits to the billionaires and trillionaires doing industry, trade and business.

Agrarian reforms were also part of this plan, but due to strong protests by Sikh farmers, Modi had to back off. It is very sad and shocking that Modi's fans, Hindu people, do not see the defects and flaws in his character. Because the followers start to act on the words of the leader without thinking. Because of this, chaos and differences are born in the society.

Modi did not promote unity, love, unity and tolerance in the Indian society with his policies, but increased the differences and enmity between different groups. Especially the Indian Muslims now come under the sway of the Hindu majority and live a life of fear are doing.

In the Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir, Modi became a dictator by taking undue advantage of his power. There, Modi once again appeared in the form of a cruel and kind person. While Shatter Modi is trying hard with the help of conspiracies and tricks to make the Hindu minority rule the majority Muslims by forming a government in the state.

If this "miracle" materializes, then in the eyes of Narendra Modi's fans, a new crown will be added to the crown of his worldly achievements. But a true Muslim and every right-minded person in the world will call this act cruel, unjust and unjust.

Although Modi has not been an open enemy of Muslims as before. The reason is that when incidents against Islam or Muslims occur in India, the impression of Modi's personality in foreign countries is affected. Also, India's economic and political interests are affected. But inwardly, Modi still hates Muslims and keeps thinking of ways to harm them.

The reason is that Modi got his rise by opposing Muslims in India. He became the Prime Minister by targeting Muslims and became the prime minister. Therefore, now it is Modi's compulsion to oppose Muslims and want the growth and development of Hinduism. The day he gives up his opposition to the Muslims, the Hindu will leave the hearts of the people.

In January 2013, the British news agency, the BBC, released a documentary called India: the Modi Question. The film is about the tragedy of Gujarat. It revealed that Modi was involved in the massacre of Gujarati Muslims. Modi immediately banned the screening of the documentary across India. Thus he strangled the freedom of expression by becoming a dictator.

Dictators cannot tolerate criticism on themselves. Not only this, Modi made BCC a target of revenge. On his instructions, tax department officials raided BCC offices in India and seized all the records. Later, BCC accused the Indian staff of being involved in tax evasion.

This incident highlighted Modi's dictatorship, arrogance and arrogance to the whole world. The media and international human rights organizations criticized Modi for taking illegal actions against the BBC. Modi has actually started thinking of himself as God.

But the real God also from time to time brings him from the throne to the floor by giving him strong shocks. There are parliamentary elections in India next year. If the Indian opposition unites and presents an alternative model of country's development compared to the fascist Modi then they can defeat Modi.

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