Floods may worsen as three Bangladeshi rivers flow above danger level

The Bangladesh Water Development Board has forecast heavy rains amid a rapid rise in the water level on rivers in the Haor areas of Sunamganj and Netrokona due to monsoon downpours and mountain runoff.

The Surma is flowing above the danger level at the Sunamganj and Chhatak points. The Jadukata and Someshwari are also flowing above the danger level, BWDB's Flood Forecast and Warning Centre said in a weather forecast notice on Monday. Water levels of all major rivers including the Surma and Kushiyara in the north-eastern region of Bangladesh will rise further in the next 24 hours and could exceed the danger level at some points due to heavy rains, the notice read. "The water level has been rising on different rivers in Sunamganj due to heavy rains and upstream waters over the last week. The Surma was flowing 11 cm and 89 cm above the danger level at the Sunamganj and Chhatak points respectively on Monday," said Md Shamsudduha, a sub-divisional engineer at BWDB. "Jadukata is flowing 11 cm above the danger level while Someswari is flowing 12 cm above the danger level at Netrokona's Kalmakanda point." The BWDB recorded 190mm of rainfall at Sunamganj's Laurergar point, 120mm of rainfall at Chhatak, 79mm of rainfall at Sunamganj Sadar and 68mm of rainfall at Derai Upazila in 24 hours, Shamsudduha added. Sunamganj has experienced light to moderate rain since the morning and it's also raining heavily upstream. The locals believe the water level will rise further if the rains continue. Meanwhile, the rains and onrush of upstream waters flooded Shaktiyarkhala's sub-marginal section of the Bishwambarpur-Tahirpur road, disrupting traffic in the region. In addition to that, Saheb Bari Ghat and Jagannath Bari, two populous low-lying parts in Sunamganj were also flooded. The main road in the region was waterlogged. "The water level of major rivers across the country is rising. Moderate to heavy rain is expected in the northern, northeast and adjoining parts of the Assam, Meghalaya and Himalayan foothills of India's West Bengal in the next 48 hours," BWDB's Flood Forecast and Warning Centre said. "The water level of the Brahmaputra, Jamuna, Teesta, Dharla and Padma is expected to rise due to the rains in the next 48 hours. But the Teesta will remain stable in the next 24 hours."