Five dozen houses burnt by Myanmar junta troops in Sagaing’s Wabar Village

Military junta troops set fire to Wabar Village, Depayin Township, Sagaing Region, destroying 63 houses and killing cattle, local residents told Mizzima.

About 30 junta’s troops entered the village at around 11 p.m. on 5 March and set it on fire.

“About 30 junta troops entered the village. It has been burned twice before. This is the third time. I do not know why they are burning our village like this. 63 houses were set on fire. Cattle also died in the fire. I think there will be tens of million kyat in losses,” said a villager.

There were 195 houses in the village, and 63 houses and cattle were destroyed in the fire, but no one was injured.

"People were not arrested because they avoided junta troops in advance as they had already received information that the Myanmar military would come to the village. They had to flee far from the village, so they had food shortages. As the internet has been cut off and the news has been kept secret, they run riot,” said another local resident.

The junta has cut off the internet from most townships in Sagaing Region since March 3.