Female Comedian Missing for Nearly 1 Month in Kabul

Nadima, known as Patingara Kakai, an Afghan female comedian, went missing 25 days ago in Kabul, a relative said on Sunday.

The Islamic Emirate has yet make an official comment on the matter.

Nadima is a famous comedian who is well-known by Afghans. She makes funny videos and posts them on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

A relative of Nadima, who wished to go unnamed, told TOLOnews that she went missing from her office nearly one month ago and since then there has been no information about her.

“A women called Nadima has been detained by the Taliban at her office. We call on the Islamic Emirate to put an end to these actions,” said Moanisa Mubar, a women’s rights activist.

Meanwhile, Sayed Omid Kazimi, a family member of Sayed Baqir Mohsini, an Afghan professor who went missing on Friday, told TOLOnews that Mohsini was released today.

The disappearance of these two high-profile figures faced a widespread reaction by international organizations as well as Afghans on social media.

“The disappearances and detentions of Taliban critics, journalists & activists continue. Sayed Baqir Mohsini & Nadima are taken by the Taliban & there is no information about their whereabouts. This a group of dictators & repressors who must never be recognized & supported,” said Samira Hamidi, a member of Amnesty International.

“The detention of political, civil and media activists is against the law and a violation of basic rights. Any detention should take place based on the legal system,” said Sayed Javad Sijadi, a political analyst.

The government officials have yet to provide details about the recent disappearances. Earlier, the Islamic Emirate did not report the detention of female activists who had gone missing for several weeks.