FBI to assist Bangladesh in recovering laundered money: Officials

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will assist Bangladesh's Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in recovering money laundered in the USA and Canada.

FBI officials made the remarks on Saturday (21 May) during a three-day training on "Protecting Public Integrity: Investigating and Prosecuting Complex Corruption Cases", arranged by the US Embassy to enhance the skills of ACC investigators against money laundering.

A total of 20 investigation officers of the ACC took part in the training which started on 19 May.

An ACC official, who took part in the training, said as an outcome of this assistance, the ACC could form a joint investigation team with the FBI in cases of complex corruption.

"In such cases, the FBI will assist in recovering and freezing money laundered illegally in the US and Canada and send the relevant documents to the ACC. On the basis of requests for mutual legal assistance, they will help the ACC from there and send the information quickly," he added.