FBI-MI5 warning on China is a wake-up call for India

A joint press conference by heads of US and UK security services on the threat posed by rising China is a rare event. What is extraordinary is that the chiefs of both US FBI and UK’s MI-5 on Wednesday warned the world about all out Chinese efforts to steal western technology and influence the government’s policy-making through lobbying and money power.

The presser, as the US influenced media calls it, should be also a wake-up call for the Narendra Modi government and India even as Chinese President Xi Jinping is slated to become eternal leader after winning the third five-year term at a Chinese party conclave later this year. While the Chinese autocrat will throw all retirement books to extend his political power, he will apply the same rules and conventions to ensure that he infuses fresh blood into the Central Military Commission and Foreign Policy. After all, Xi is the new emperor of a rising and powerful China.

It is also a manifestation of Chinese power that none of the Muslim countries including the OIC and religious rabble-rouser Pakistan have the guts to take on Beijing for serious human rights violations in Sunni-Muslim dominated Xinjiang region.

While the Chinese wolf warrior diplomats and bureaucrats are in synergy with the national growth requirements and power projection, the Indian bureaucrat is doing a “please speak” to his or her junior on every file to protect his or her turf as a true legatee of the Raj. Everyone in the national security and military is worried about the speed at which China is building massive military infrastructure all along the 3488 km Line of Actual Control (LAC), but files related to key infrastructure projects are still hanging fire in inter-ministry tussles. And all this is happening when there is a green signal from a workaholic PM Modi from the word go to any military infrastructure project. For examples, just type Shinku La tunnel or Project 75 India or delays in LCA manufacturing at HAL on google search.