Exploitation and mass killings of the non-Hindu minorities has been a routine in India

New Delhi: Discrimination, persecution, exploitation and mass killings of the non-Hindu minorities has been a routine matter in Republic of India for the last many decades. The media and human rights organizations have documented all these Indian activities and have been highlighting them in their reports covertly as well as overtly. Nevertheless, the international power centres have not paid attention towards massive human rights violation and Indian oppression against its minorities. US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in its annual report-2020, declared India as the most dangerous country for religious minorities. The Commission also recommended US to designate India as a Country of Particular Concern (CPC). The same Commission also demanded US Government and the State Department to place India on Special Watch List (SWL). US State Department, the President and its powerful Congress ignored this report as well as thousands of such reports since Washington has its political, economic and strategic interest with New Delhi. It is unfortunate that Indian MPs, government officials, military, intelligence and security agencies have been found officially involved in the persecution of minorities to the level of killings, torture and rapes. Owing to its narrow minded Hindu majority, India has become a very dangerous country for other religious minorities. Hindus of India even claim that being “Hindu” they have exclusive right over the land known as Hindustan and people from other religions have no right over this vast landmass. Indian narrow-minded approach is being pursued through Hindutva ideology with formulation of laws like Citizenship Amendment Act-2019. The famous Palampur Resolution-1989 set the formal agenda against the major religious minority (Muslims) in India. Sikhs who constitute 1.8% of Indian total population, are being discriminated and relegated in all spheres of life in Hindu-dominated India. Today, RSS is directly targeting the Sikh community in India. Christians forming less than 3% of Indian population are equally discriminated and humiliated in India. They are also facing the fanatic onslaught of the RSS for conversion into Hinduism. Through a massive campaign against Muslims, the main minority group in India, forming over 17% of total population is the main target of Indian Government. Muslims are discriminated, humiliated and forced to convert into Hinduism or else leave India. Time has proved that the founding fathers of India were indeed the architect of today’s Hindu India. Prime Minister Modi and his BJP only get the credit of implementing the agenda and vision of Indian forefathers. Thus, there is a need that the international community must reconcile its relationship with India in the context of its discrimination and oppression against non-Hindu minorities. Indeed, the non-Hindu communities are fearful of their future in today’s India.