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Environment Minister reviews climate negotiations during UN session in Maldives

Egypt’s Minister of Environment, and the Ministerial Coordinator and Envoy of the COP27, Yasmine Fouad, participated on Monday in the launch session of the Glasgow-Sharm El-Sheikh Action Plan for the Global Goal on Adaptation.

This came on the sidelines of the launch of the informal consultations on the Glasgow Action Program – Sharm El-Sheikh and the global goal on adaptation to climate change, held during the period from 16 to 17 May in the Maldives.

During the session, Yasmine reviewed the latest updates on the course of climate negotiations, referring to the ministerial meetings that were held last week in Copenhagen, Denmark, on climate change to exchange views and views from different parties on the issues of climate finance, adaptation and global warming.

The Minister of Environment explained that all the meetings that are held on the climate issue seek to accelerate the pace of climate action to achieve the desired goals by reaching solutions that will be tried and if they prove successful, their implementation will be generalized to other local communities.

Monday’s session was held in the presence of Ibrahim Mohamed Saleh, President of the Republic of Maldives, Patricia Espinos, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and ministers concerned with environmental affairs from several countries.

The Minister of Environment confirmed that the COP27 will focus on implementing the outcomes of the Glasgow Conference and the commitments of developed countries in order to achieve progress in all paths of negotiation and to achieve a balance between mitigation and adaptation.

The Minister of Environment added that it is necessary for the consultations to reach the most important items that constitute the global goal of adaptation, in order to accelerate the pace of consensus on a digital global goal for adaptation, on the basis of which funding is directed to help the most fragile countries and local communities that are exposed to the effects of climate change in a structured manner.

She also stressed the importance of achieving what was agreed upon regarding doubling financing for adaptation by 2025, which was promised at the Glasgow Conference.

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