Destroying IIOJK’s communal harmony always remained goal of India

The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief spokesman, Muhammad Rafiq Dar, has said that destroying the centuries-old brotherhood between the Muslim majority and the non-Muslim minorities of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir has always been the goal of the Indian government and the people working at its payroll.

Muhammad Rafiq Dar in a statement in Islamabad said that the JKLF, especially its illegally detained Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik personally, and while performing his organizational duties, have been striving rigorously for the return of displaced Kashmiri Pandits. He said, the role played by JKLF and Muhammad Yasin Malik in this regard is not only commendable but undeniable too.

He said, “Yasin Malik’s cordial relations with Kashmiri Pandit community and his numerous efforts for their rehabilitation at their ancestral and native land are a part of history that cannot be ignored.” He was reacting to the ongoing debate against the Kashmir freedom movement within a certain section of India under the guise of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.

The statement said that the freedom movement that started in 1988 under the banner of the JKLF was the biggest people’s revolution of 500 years of Kashmir history. “This movement was aimed to achieve independence, sovereignty and unification of the divided State of Jammu Kashmir through attainment of the internationally recognized fundamental right to self-determination’ for all its inhabitants without prejudices of color, caste, creed, region and religion,” it said.

The spokesperson said in order to achieve this basic goal, the people of Kashmir from both sides of the Line of Control along with the top leadership like Yasin Malik are making unprecedented sacrifices that include more than 125,000 were martyred, hundreds and thousands got injured, molestation of women, destruction of billions worth properties, migration of hundreds and thousands of families, and arrests of young, old and juvenile Kashmiris, thousands of them are still languishing in different jails of Indian cities thousands of kilometers away from their homes.

The JKLF spokesman said that the displacement of Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir Valley was in fact a plan of the Indian rulers and its agencies, which was implemented immediately after the appointment of Jagmohan as the governor of IIOJK in early January 1990. He said, the JKLF and the Kashmiri people have always been depressed and regretful for the unfortunate circumstances and difficulties that have befallen the Kashmiri Pandit community. He said today RSS-backed handful of inimical elements especially the Pandit elite residing in Delhi and other metropolitan cities of India, who are actually the product of intelligence agencies, are hell bent upon to further erode the already strained relations of the two communities. “On the behest of Indian establishment efforts are being made to strengthen the walls of hatred between Pandits and Muslims, and to widen the gulf between them. These elements are the ones who have in the past conspired against the efforts of JKLF, Kashmiri freedom camp and especially of Muhammad Yasin Malik for the rehabilitation and repatriation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits,” he said.