Delegates in Geneva Will Call for End of Sanctions

Even though no details have been officially released over the meeting in Geneva, sources told that the Islamic Emirate delegation will share Kabul’s demands with participants at the session. According to the sources, the end of sanctions will be called for by the Islamic Emirate’s delegation.

The source further said that issues related to Afghanistan’s crisis and humanitarian aid needs would be discussed.

“The session is being held to address economic and human rights challenges. Afghanistan’s delegation expects to meet with officials from various administrations of Switzerland on the sidelines of the session,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate.

The Geneva Call, which is hosting the session, said in a press release that the conference will include briefings on the applicability of humanitarian norms and the issue of delivering humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people.

At the same time, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs insisted that Islamic Emirate’s recognition would not part of the agenda at the session.

This is the second session held on Afghanistan in Europe in less than a month. Norway's government held three days meetings in Oslo where a delegation of the Islamic Emirate led by Amir Khan Mutaqqi, acting foreign minister, attended the meetings.

“These meetings are a sign of tbe West’s engagement with the Taliban and are held in the name of delivering humanitarian aid, respecting human rights in Afghanistan,” said Ahmad Munib Rasa, political expert.

“Afghanistan seriously needs international support and aid to return to its normal way,” said Seyar Quraishi, political expert.

It has been six months that the Islamic Emirate seized power in Afghanistan and no country has officially recognized it.