COVID-19 cases increasing in Pakistan again

COVID-19 cases in Pakistan are gradually rising, with the positivity rate rising by almost 2% over the previous five days. Karachi is the city most impacted, according to the National Institute of Health, Islamabad (NIHmost )’s recent data.

The most recent data show that in a single day, 309 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the nation, bringing the positivity rate to 2.22 percent.

Diagnostic tests on 13,941 samples led to the discovery of the new cases.

In the meantime, 80 patients are receiving care in intensive care units at various hospitals across the nation. However, no deaths linked to the coronavirus have been reported in the previous 24 hours.

Furthermore, the positivity rate in Sindh rose to 6.1 percent, with Karachi alone accounting for 15.85 percent. Despite a significant drop in the city’s positivity rate since Thursday (21.23 percent), Karachi remains the most affected city in the country.