Consider ‘geographical characteristics’ before designing development plans, says PM Hasina

Different parts of Bangladesh have different geographical characteristics, which should be taken into consideration in designing development plans, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

“You need to understand Bangladesh and work accordingly,” she said in the first meeting of the Delta Governance Council, formed to implement the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 at her office on Sunday.

“We need to have a guideline to implement the Delta Plan. As the deadline for the plan is 2100, it should be amended and overhauled over time.”

“This is how we should design the plan and work accordingly.”

The Awami League government aims to ensure the socio-economic development of the people, she said.

Hasina also said she believed the Delta Governance Council meeting would be able to draw up good recommendations for the agendas it discussed.

“It will propel the implementation [of the Delta Plan] and enable us to take realistic measures. We should move forward accordingly.”

The government has formed the council to navigate the implementation of its 100-year plan called ‘Bangladesh Delta Plan-2100’. The prime minister is its chairperson.

The Cabinet Division published a gazette on Jul 1 forming the 12-strong council. The planning minister holds the post of vice-chairman of the council.

The National Economic Council (NEC) approved the widely discussed ‘Bangladesh Delta Plan-2100’ designed to prevent flood, river erosion, river management, ensure water supply to rural and urban areas, waste management and long term strategy to control floods on Sept 4, 2018.

Under the Delta Plan, the government will currently take on 80 projects worth Tk 2,978 billion with a deadline of 2030.

Members of the Delta Governance Council include the agriculture minister, the finance minister, the food minister, the land minister and the environment minister.