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Civilians from the India arms in Jammu

IIOJK is the most militarized region in the world, and is known as the biggest open jail existing on the face of earth. India has failed to maintained routine law and order in the disputed territory as it has mainly employed its security forces to violently deal with the peaceful freedom struggle of Kashmiris.

Kashmiris believe that even the Indian government has lost faith in its security agencies deployed in IIOJK, as they have been fully corrupted due to state patronage and are good for nothing. Rather, India has resorted to the policy of cover up of its persistent failures using the rhetoric of Pakistan backed armed resistance.

In the most recent move, India has begun arming locals in Jammu to battle terrorists while seizing VDGs.

The Kashmiri Muslims will be targeted, intimidated, tracked, and killed by the VDGs, which are "civilian" networks chosen and trained by the Indian government, in order to stifle the freedom movement.

The re-creation of the VDGs appears to be the next significant step in the Indian government's plans to change the demography of Kashmir.

There is concern that when more Indian settlers arrive in the area, they will be given weapons to further their settler colonisation.

Given that the VDGs are supported by the government, they will also be granted total impunity to frighten local Muslim and tribal communities by threatening to steal their property, engaging in sexual abuse, and carrying out deaths and disappearances. The establishment of these organisations would further heighten tensions between the Hindu and Muslim populations in these regions, particularly as Hindu populations are armed and encouraged to perpetrate atrocities against Muslims and breaches of human rights.

The international world needs to assess the Indian neo-Nazi strategies being used in IIOJK and ensure that Muslims are protected from the growing existential threat there.

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