Citing India’s ‘self-respect’, Imran Khan appeals to Pakistan

New Delhi: Hours before facing a no-confidence vote in parliament, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday seemed to accept the writing on the wall and urged his supporters to stage peaceful protests across the country when the “new imported government” comes into power Sunday.

In an address to the nation on the eve of a no-trust motion he has little chance of defeating, Khan, 69, cited the example of India as a “self-respecting nation” (khuddar qaum) which no world power can dictate terms to.

He expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court reversing the National Assembly deputy speaker’s rejection of the no-trust motion against him.

“I will not accept this imported government, I will take to street….Only people can bring me to power and I will come back with the help of the people,” he said, adding that his supporters should come out on Sunday evening after the new government is expected to be set up.

He said EU envoys had criticised Islamabad for not taking a stand against Russia, but would not dare do the same in India as it is a “sovereign nation”.

He taunted the opposition to announce new elections and face the nation with him. “That is why I dissolved the assembly because I want people to elect the new government,” he said.

“I am ready for the struggle… join me in peaceful protest,” said Khan, who has lost his majority in the 342-member house.