China's tough response to G-7, small groups can't decide world fate: Beijing

China has slammed the G7 countries, saying "the days when groups of small countries used to decide the fate of the world are long gone." A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London said in a statement: "We think a country is small. Air or big, strong or weak, rich or poor, all kinds of countries are equal.

Decisions on global issues should be made after consultation with all countries. To do so, the US has agreed on a "Build Back Better World" (B3W).

Russia, along with China, was sharply criticized at the G7 summit, with US President Joe Biden ordering US intelligence to investigate whether the corona was spread by animals or made in a laboratory. The leaders of the G7 countries have announced to give only one billion vaccines to the poor countries as against 11 billion in the past.

The meeting also promised more aid to countries affected by the environmental crisis, but did not say how much or which country would provide the aid. Happened in which the leaders participated.

US President Joe Biden and his British, Canadian, French, German, Italian and Japanese allies issued a joint statement stating that we need democracy, freedom, equality and the rule of law to overcome big questions and big challenges. And use human rights values.

The G7 summit also criticized China on human rights issues, raising questions about human rights in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Criticizing Russia, the G7 leaders urged Russia to use chemical agents on its soil. Russia was asked to stop cracking down on opposition groups and the media and to play a role in stopping online cyber attacks on the Internet.

Addressing a press conference on the sidelines of the G7 summit ahead of the NATO summit and meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the US president said that the United States and its allies have become active again. It is a sacred duty, he said, that democracies and dictatorships are in competition with each other, he insisted that Washington does not want any conflict with Beijing or Moscow.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who hosted the G7 summit, called Biden a breath of fresh air and said the G7 was united for democratic values. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on the occasion that Biden has created a new enthusiasm for solving the problems facing the world.

The Coalition of Global Economies has signaled that it will deliver on its ایک 100 billion annual commitment to reduce climate change challenges in poorer countries, such as reducing carbon emissions and global warming. These include plans to accelerate the financing of infrastructure projects in developing countries and the transition to renewable and sustainable technologies.

The G7 countries have announced more aid to countries affected by climate change, and more aid to curb investment in fossil fuels, but experts say it is insufficient and that it is too late.