"China respects the independent choices and social systems of Maldives"

Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives, Wang Lixin has stated that China respects the independent choices of development paths and social systems made by the Maldivian people.

Ambassador Lixin stated this in an interview she gave to a local media.

The Ambassador in her interview reiterated that China follows the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries and respects the independent choices of development paths and social systems made by the countries.

As such, Ambassador Lixin stated that the Chinese side never pursues self-interests in Maldives. She stated that the friendly cooperation between China and Maldives never targets any third party, but only helps Maldives achieve development and progress.

The Ambassador also stated that any attempt to obstruct or even undermine China-Maldives relations will go against the will and interests of Maldivian people.

Moreover, the Ambassador highlighted respect as the most prominent feature of China-Maldives relationship. She said that the the most prominent feature characterizing China-Maldives relations is that the two countries have always respected each other, treated each other as equals, helped each other with sincerity, and firmly supported each other on the issues related to our respective core interests and major concerns.

China-Maldives relations have become a model of friendly exchanges, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation among countries, stated the Ambassador.

Additionally, Ambassador Lixin, in her interview stated that China is ready to work closely with Maldives to consolidate mutual trust, deepen substantive cooperation and pass down traditional friendship with the guidance of the consensus reached by leaders of our two countries.

She highlighted that the countries should maintain a longer-term perspective and broader vision to promote the future-oriented comprehensive friendly partnership of cooperation with greater development.