China provokes India again: Indian graziers stopped by Chinese troops near LAC in eastern Ladakh

Indian graziers were reportedly stopped by Chinese troops from moving ahead near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Demchok region of eastern Ladakh over a week ago, news agency PTI reported. The incident is understood to have taken place on August 21.

Indian graziers were on the Indian side of the LAC but the Chinese troops still objected to their presence in the area and claimed that part to be on their side, PTI quoted people familiar with the matter. The matter didn't escalate further otherwise. In a worst case scenario, it could have led to another confrontation or scuffle between the Indian and Chinese troops.

To keep things in control, the Indian military commanders held talks with their Chinese counterparts on the incident to resolve the issue, news agency ANI reported. Notably, the incident took place near the area, which has remained the friction point between two nuclear-powered nations since 2020.

"Such incidents happen in those areas because of differing perceptions about the LAC by both sides," said one of the people cited by PTI, adding the incident figured in subsequent talks between area commanders of the two armies.