China barring containers carrying goods for festive season from entering Nepal

In what can be termed inhuman conduct, China has barred as many as 1000 cargo containers from entering Nepal at the Nepal-China border in Tatopani.

The containers carrying goods imported by Nepali traders for Dashain and Tihar festivals have been stopped in Khasa, a bordering town of China.

As a result, Nepali businessmen have been hit hard as the Chinese authorities have allowed only 6 to 10 containers to enter from the Tatopani checkpoint in Nepal’s Sindhupalchowk district, and 4 to 9 containers from Kerung daily.

China has barred the import of more than 10 containers of the Tatopani border point.

Nepali traders, meanwhile, said that Chinese authorities have not allowed the containers carrying goods for the festive season to enter Nepal.

The Chinese authorities have been allowing only a limited number of containers to enter Nepal.

Nepali businessmen are bound to wait for the turn after China stopped the containers in their territory.

However, the government has not taken any concrete initiative to facilitate the smooth passage of Nepali goods to the country. It takes more than two months for goods to reach Nepal if they are brought through the sea route.

It usually takes not more than 15 days for the good to enter Nepal through Tatopani and Rasuwa border points.