China backed Port City told to comply with Sri Lanka language policy

Sri Lanka has officially informed a state enterprise of China that reclaimed Colombo Port City to adhere to language policy of the country following controversy over a name board, though it was not a matter for concern Education Minister G L Peiris said.

“We have officially informed them,” Minister Peiris told reporters. “That is not a matter which is cause for concern. That has been corrected.

“That has been brought to the notice of the relevant people and adherence to the language policy of the country will be mandatory.”

The Port City firm ran into a social media storm after a picture of a sign board with English, Chinese and Sinhala started circulating.

The Port City said the sign had been erected by a contractor.

“Port City Colombo is still under construction and all signboards erected by the contractor within the site re for the benefit of site employees or authorised visitor,” the firm said in a statement.

“Although construction sites do not require to have temporary signboards in all official languages, as the majority of employees are locals, the contractor had use Sinhala for the signboards while also using English and Chinese, as there are a considerable number of foreign workers also at the site.”

The Port City firm said it requested the contractor to remove the signboards and “follow standard signboards within the site.”