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CHHANPORA MASS RAPE 1990: During the raids a number of woman were raped

Srinagar: On 7 March 1990, CRPF raided serval houses in the Chhanpora locality of Srinagar. During the raids a number of woman were raped. The ‘Committee for Initiative in Kashmir’ which visited the Valley between 12 and 16 March 1990 interviewed the victims. Rape victim Noora (24) was forcefully dragged out of her kitchen by 20 men from CRPF and raped, along with her sister-in-law Zaina. The rape victims also witnessed two minor girls molested. Indian security forces did not even permit the hospital ambulances to collect the injured victims. Such incident depicts indifference of Indian Army pertaining to human rights of people of Kashmir. A report by ‘Asian Watch’ and ‘Physicians for Human Rights’ has documented rape cases since 1990 in IIOJK. The report also states that Indian soldiers committed rapes frequently after January 1990, so rapes were used as a weapon of war, but, disproportionately, most of them targeted Kashmiri Muslim women. India disrespects International law and international norms and becomes a threat to regional peace. Excessive chauvinism and pseudo-pride have engulfed the whole state; thus, India acts irrationally on the global stage and uses disinformation to hide its heinous crimes. The International community must take notice of dire situation in IIOJK. The resolution of this lingering dispute is important for regional peace and security. International community must take notice of blatant Indian human rights abuses and fulfill promise made with people of Kashmir through various UNSC resolutions.

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