'Catastrophic situation in IIOJK demands serious campaign against India'

The severe and catastrophic situation in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) demands a serious and sustained campaign to hold New Delhi accountable for its war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This was stated by Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK) UK President Fahim Kayani who has called on the Kashmiri diaspora groups across the world to forge a "unity in purpose and action" to raise critical issues regarding Kashmir with the international community.

For its part, the TeK UK, also announced month-long programmes across Europe in June to highlight India’s crimes and its fascist actions in the UN-designated disputed territory of IIOJK.

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Addressing a news conference in Birmingham on Thursday, Kayani said: “The disastrous situation created by the Indian military regime in IIOJK demands that Kashmiri diaspora pulls up its sleeves and intensify lobbying and diplomatic efforts in international power corridors which can force New Delhi to stop its crimes in Kashmir.”

Flanked by Chaudhry Muhammad Luqman, TeK UK deputy leader and Chaudhry Ikramul Haq, TeK Birmingham president, Kayani slammed India for the fake trial and farce conviction of Kashmiri resistance leader Muhammad Yasin Malik.

“All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) leaders have been abducted on fake charges and India can go to any extent to satisfy its blood-thirsty conscience,” said Kayani, calling on diaspora groups to form a strategy to seek the release of incarcerated Kashmiri resistance leaders including Hurriyat Conference Chief Masarat Alam, Yasin Malik, Shabir Shah, Asiya Andrabi, Nahida Nasreen, Fehmeeda Sofi, Peer Saifullah, Dr Muhammad Qasim Faktoo, Shabir Shah, Nayeem Khan Zaffar Akbar Bhat and others.

Calling for a sustained campaign for the release of Kashmiri resistance leaders and activists, Kayani on the occasion released a calendar of various activities of TeK UK to be held in June.

“India is artificially changing demography in IIOJK which is a clear and brutal violation of Geneva Conventions and India cannot be given a free hand,” said Kayani. “It is the responsibility of Kashmiri diaspora groups to rise to the occasion and spread awareness regarding such brazen violation of international law by the fascist regime in India.”