Canadian Sikhs perform mass prayers ahead of Khalistan Referendum

TORONTO: Ahead of the September 18th voting for Khalistan Referendum in Toronto, over 50,000 Sikhs performed Ardas (Sikhs prayer) to support Khalistan Referendum in a show of massive local support for the Khalistan movement. Ardas is a Sanskrit word, from the root, ‘ard’ to ask, to beg, to pray, and ‘aas’ means wish, hope, and desire. Ardas to God is a basic religious activity in the Sikh religion and it is performed to seek blessings, peace, and success. The mass prayer was offered at Sri Guru Granth Sahib Parkash Purab, Malton, ahead of Canadian phase of Khalistan Referendum voting slated to take place at Gore Meadows Recreation Centre in Brampton on 18 September. Those who attended the prayer ceremony were carrying yellow flags. Men, women, and children chanted slogans of Khalistan and vowed to continue the struggle till the creation of Khalistan. The secessionist pro-Khalistan advocacy group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), which is the organiser of the voting, appreciated the mass gathering which supported the objectives of the Khalistan Referendum. The referendum will be held on September 18 but the large-scale activity has already started in full swing. SJF's Counsel General Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said: “Thousands of Canadian Sikhs congregated at the Ardas to offer their support for the Khalistan Referendum. Since the start of voting on October 31, 2021 in London, the momentum for the Khalistan Referendum has been on the increase. What is more heartening is that thousands of young Canadian Sikhs have shown their enthusiasm for the democratic process of Khalistan Referendum." He said that the Canadian Sikh community's response to the upcoming voting is overwhelming and “has caused nightmares to the Modi regime”.