Bulldozers are a symbol of oppression of BJP for Muslims

Faheem Haider

The use of bulldozers by the extremist and Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party government in Hart has become a weapon to destroy the homes and livelihoods of the minority Muslim community.

Bulldozers were invented over a hundred years ago and are used in construction all over the world, but in recent years bulldozers have become a weapon in the hands of the BJP government in India to destroy Muslim homes.

This gigantic digging machine is nowhere near as dynamic in India as it is in the politically important northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Last Sunday, bulldozers were once again seen moving in the city of Prayag Raj (formerly Allahabad) where authorities demolished the house of political activist Javed Muhammad in a matter of seconds, alleging that the house was built illegally. This claim has been denied by the family of Javed Muhammad.

The BJP government's campaign to demolish Muslim homes and shops is being compared to similar Israeli operations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. These actions are being criticized in India while the news is being published in the media all over the world.

Attempts have been made for a month to cover up the government's actions and the spirit of the law is being bulldozed.

Former judges and prominent legislators in India have written a letter to the Chief Justice of India stating that the use of bulldozers is unacceptable and a clear violation of the rule of law and the country's highest court has been asked to Government repression and violence against Muslims must be stopped.

Earlier this year, I was shocked to see some scenes from the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election campaign, when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was campaigning for re-election; he won the election and is now completing his second term. Are At one meeting, a group of his supporters brought a yellow toy bulldozer. Waving small plastic models of excavators in the air, they danced in front of television cameras, chanting slogans, "Baba with a bulldozer will come again." Gaya was the name of the BJP leader.

Bulldozers are being used to suppress Muslims. Senior journalist Sharat Pardhan says the BJP has turned it to its advantage as it has enhanced its image of power. He said that bulldozers were parked at Adityanath's election rallies in many towns and these machines were paraded in front of the State Assembly building in celebration of his victory.

Following Prime Minister Modi's statement in December last year, bulldozers have been used in the state of Madhya Pradesh and the capital Delhi in the wake of religious violence earlier this year, destroying Muslim homes, shops and small businesses disproportionately has been created. The report says that no court order says that someone's house should be demolished, even if he has committed a crime and this cannot be done even after conviction.