Blasphemy: BJP's cat is out of the bag

Faheem Haider

After the policy of bullying the 14% Muslim minority, which has been in place for the past few years, Hindutva activists felt that their government was interfering in the internal affairs of another country will not allow.

The other complacency was that since the Muslim countries were engaged in the slumber of division, chaos, trade and neglect, they would never notice India's anti-Muslim policies. The reporting of Arab media used to know about the anti-minority policies and human rights violations in India, but the Arab rulers never tried to feel the concerns of their people.

But now when it came to the Prophet of Islam, he riled up both the people and the rulers, which we saw a strong reaction in Muslim countries from diplomacy to slogans of boycott of Indian goods.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill was introduced in India two years ago. The Muslims, especially the women of Shaheen Bagh, strongly protested against it, which was ended with the help of the court. The Muslim world remained silent.

30 years after the demolition of Babri Masjid, a list of about 5,000 mosques has been prepared, among which the case of Gaya Nawapi Masjid was raised recently. Sometimes with the help of the courts and sometimes with the help of the Department of Archaeology, the campaign to convert mosques into temples is being accelerated. No country, not even neighboring Bangladesh or Pakistan, has discussed it.

Now Taj Mahal and Qutb Minar have also been made controversial. The Muslim students of Karnataka were not allowed to sit in the examination wearing hijab, but the removal of the veil by the Hindu women of Rajasthan is never discussed, rather it is being promoted all over the world as a tourist spectacle. The Muslim Ummah never dared to talk about this double standard. In the month of Ramadan, no one even bothered to ask what kind of torture Muslims had to go through by sitting in front of mosques and reciting Hanuman Chalisa at the time of adhan.

In India, marriages between different religions and races have been going on for centuries, but cases of seduction of Hindus were filed against Muslims by accusing them of 'love jihad', in which even today many Muslims in Kerala and other states are imprisoned. I am closed. Muslim scholars of India also remained silent.

In the Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir, plans were made to reduce the proportion of the population by removing internal autonomy and turning the region into a detention centre, no one was allowed to speak or speak. Most of the Hindus expressed their happiness by playing band baja at various places, but the Muslim world continued to watch the spectacle.

In view of these events, Gregory Stanton, the head of the World Genocide Watch, said that signs of genocide are being seen in India, which has not been taken seriously by international institutions, democratic countries and the Muslim world.

When most of the Hindus and Muslims of India said that the Hindutva policies in the country were distorting the secular image of the country, but since the plan was to create a Hindu Rashtra, without anyone listening, the spokespersons of the party suddenly acted like this. Now, even after a week of pleading, diplomatic relations with the Muslim world are not being maintained.

The spokesperson of the BJP party and another official crossed the limits of blasphemy in a TV debate which brought the whole ummah into a frenzy. According to an analyst, "This is a rebirth (i.e. second birth) of the Salman Rushdie case."

We saw that there was chaos in the Muslim world where the jobs of more than 10 million Indians were at risk, the $73 billion trade with the United Arab Emirates suffered difficulties and India received sanctions from six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. 35 billion dollar foreign exchange became a question mark.

In view of this possible loss, the Indian government has not only removed the party spokesmen, but has started cleaning up the Arab countries by creating a multi-faceted policy for a week.

Thousands of Hindutva followers at home took to social media to target the government's policy and instead of apologizing to Muslims, suggested bombing other countries, including Qatar. Hindutva activists realized the unity of the Muslim world for the first time when it united to target the Indian government for blasphemy.

Professor Rohit Kumar, who lives in Berlin, says: 'The dream of a Hindu Rashtra extends from Afghanistan to Indonesia, which can then expand to include Central Asia within its borders, but the dream of a Hindu Rashtra. Viewers must think that when all these countries join Rashtra, the Hindu population will remain a minority. If this is what the Hindutva people want, then the Muslim countries should not delay in making this dream a shame.

By hurting the sentiments of 20 crore Muslims of India, it was probably being understood that despite the heartache of two billion Muslims for insulting the Prophet of Islam, Hindutva's anti-Muslim policy would be kept silent, but the reaction that came out from these Hindus. There has also been a decline in those who believe in secular traditions.

Most of India's population, including Muslims, are waiting to see if Hindutva will now give up anti-minority policies, accept the supremacy of the Indian Constitution, or another history of chaos, civil war and duplication in the region there will be a place.