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BJP spokesperson's blasphemous statement

Faheem Haider

Thus, for a long time now, Indian Muslims have been exposed to the religious prejudices of Hindus. There, Muslims are tortured under pretexts and even killing is not avoided. Muslim property is looted and burned. It is impossible for Muslim women to leave their homes. Mosques are martyred. India and Israel are at the forefront of targeting Muslims because of religious bigotry.

The two countries have very close trade and defence ties. Due to this religious bigotry, two spokespersons of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have recently made one after another blasphemous statements about the Prophet Muhammad. An Islamic organization tweeted to Indian Muslims about the remarks.

Raza Academy, a well-known Muslim organization in India, tweeted this on May 28 last month and launched a campaign to arrest both the perpetrators. The Mumbai-based Muslim organization has also registered a case against these insolent people in Mumbai. In addition, Muhammad Zubair, a well-known Muslim journalist in India, shared a video from his Twitter account showing 37-year-old Nopur Sharma, the BJP's national spokesperson, selling rumors on a TV channel.

Seeing this scene on Indian news channel "Times Now", the emotions of Muslims were aroused and a series of protests started. The Arab states of Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, as well as Iran and Egypt, reacted strongly to the allegations.

Indian ambassadors to Qatar, Kuwait and Iran were summoned and informed in writing of their feelings against hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims. Not only protests are taking place in various Gulf countries, Iran and Egypt, but a boycott campaign for Indian goods has also been launched in most of the countries. At the request of the Grand Mufti of Oman, Indian products and other items have been removed from stores in these countries. These countries have demanded from India to take stern action against these two spokespersons Nopur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jundal and to apologize to the Indian government.

Following strong reactions from Arab countries and Iran to the incident, the Indian government on Sunday officially announced that Nopur Sharma's main party membership has been suspended and Naveen Kumar Jundal has been expelled from the party. But India has so far neither officially condemned the incident nor apologized for it. Indian Muslims have called the suspension of the two spokesmen temporary and a failed attempt to temporarily cool the fire. They continue to demand that these two insolent people be arrested and punished. Otherwise, the protests will spread. According to sources, the blasphemous statements of the spokespersons of India's ruling party BJP are a deliberate conspiracy.

The aim is to fan the flames of religious hatred in India by using the reaction of Muslims as a cover. Because the BJP's terrorist organization RSS is always looking for opportunities to find an excuse and RSS thugs attack Muslims. In self-styled incidents like sale and transportation of beef, RSS goons kill Muslims, loot their property and burn their homes, such incidents are under the control of the BJP chief. It has been a daily routine since his arrival but no legal action has been taken against any Hindu accused.

It should be noted that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is a core and life member of the terrorist wing of the BJP, the RSS. According to sources, the reaction of Muslims in India to these shameful and despicable statements is a fundamental right to express their religious sentiments, but the thugs of the RSS, under the auspices of the Indian government, will retaliate by attacking Muslims and there are fears that extremist Hindus Only cases will be registered against Muslims and their arrests will be made in the attacks of Islam.

India has never faced any pressure or fear from the United Nations or international powers. It is the duty of Islamic countries, including Pakistan, to put pressure on India not only to apologize for this incident but also to take immediate steps to stop the racist acts against Indian Muslims on a permanent basis. Along with official and public condemnatory statements, protests and boycotts of Indian goods continue. However, religious parties, scholars and lovers of Rasool (SWW) in Pakistan are waiting for the cold weather as it is still hot. Official condemnation statements and correspondence were considered sufficient.

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