BJP Government Stirs a Flag Frenzy in India

On August 15, India will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its independence from British colonial rule.

Among the host of events and programs that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has launched to mark the milestone is the “Har Ghar Tirangacampaign, wherein citizens are being urged to unfurl the Tiranga or Tricolor, as the Indian national flag is known, atop their homes, and display it in their social media profiles.

The government says that the campaign is “to invoke the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of the people.” Home Minister Amit Shah has urged Indians to participate enthusiastically in the campaign to show the world that India has “risen from slumber” and is on the way to becoming a “great” power.

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the campaign on July 22, India has been in a flag frenzy. People are taking selfies with the national flag and posting them online while the government is issuing certificates to those who register on campaign websites. Traders are reporting unprecedented sales of the national flag.

The Hindu nationalist BJP likes to project itself as the torchbearer of Indian nationalism and the custodian of its interests and culture. However, the party and its fraternal organizations have little understanding or empathy for India’s independence struggle and the values it stood for.