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Bill Gates lauds India’s efforts to curb carbon emissions

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates lauded India’s efforts to curb carbon emissions. Speaking at the launch of the 'Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE) Movement' on Sunday, Bill Gates said that he is inspired by India's leadership and efforts to curb carbon emissions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the LiFE Movement, a global initiative, on Sunday, June 5, and asserted that its vision is to live a lifestyle that is in tune with our planet and does not harm it.

Bill Gates participated in the programme and stressed the need for innovative technologies and participation from all to eliminate greenhouse gases.

The Microsoft co-founder emphasised that collective global action to address climate change is needed more than ever and India's role and leadership are crucial in ensuring that "we reach our climate goals".

"Ensuring that these innovative technologies are widely adopted will not only require large investments and partnerships between private and public sectors but also demand from individuals. Individual actions will send market signals that will encourage governments and businesses to invest in these innovations and create the breakthroughs we need," Bill Gates said.

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