Biden to speak on Afghanistan amid US troop withdrawal and Taliban gains

President Joe Biden will receive an update Thursday on the swiftly concluding war in Afghanistan, where a near-complete withdrawal of American troops is coinciding with major Taliban gains.

Facing the prospect of a Taliban takeover within a year -- accompanied, most likely, by devastation and suffering -- Biden hopes to convey continued support for the country. White House officials say he will detail US security and humanitarian assistance that will carry on once the troop presence ends.

He also plans to directly address the thousands of Afghans who assisted the United States during the war who are now waiting on their US visa applications, senior administration officials said. He has been under pressure to detail how exactly he will ensure the safe passage of Afghan translators and other workers who assisted American forces during the war and are now targets for the Taliban.

Biden has vowed to allow those who helped the US effort to come to the United States, but the visa process has been slow, leading officials to develop plans to relocate them to a third country. Officials said Biden will discuss plans to begin relocating those Afghans in August.

The President's aides have said the relocation for those waiting on visas will be finished before the drawdown is complete at the end of August, without specifying how many people they plan to move or confirming where they will go while they wait.