Bhutan's King and Queen Mark 10th Anniversary with Family

King Jigme Khesar and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan, also known as the "Prince William and Kate Middleton of the Himalayas," are celebrating 10 years of marriage.

The royal family shared new photos to mark the milestone, including a new family portrait with their son the Dragon Prince (as 5-year-old Prince Jigme Namgyel, the heir to the throne, is known) looking all grown up as he stands front and center. Queen Jetsun holds their younger son — Prince Jigme Ugyen, born in March 2020 — in her arms as the Dragon King looks lovingly at his family.

King Jigme Khesar, 41, and Queen Jetsun Pema, 31, married on October 13, 2011 — the same year that Prince William and Kate were married. The British heir and his wife celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with their own set of portraits and a family video in April.

But their wedding year is not the only reason the two couples draw comparisons. King Jigme Khesar and Queen Jetsun Pema both went to college in England: Jetsun Pema went to Regent's College, where she studied international relations, psychology and art history (just like Kate!), while the King graduated from the University of Oxford after studying at Wheaton College in the United States. William and Kate, of course, met and fell in love while studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Both couples are also seen as bringing their monarchies into modern times, not to mention their status as parents and style stars.