Bhutan imported eggs to reach markets within this week

The Bhutan Livestock Development Corporation Limited (BLDCL) is expecting to supply brown eggs imported from India by the end of the week.

The company will import 3,000 cartons of eggs, each box containing 210 eggs. Eggs currently cost from Nu 450 to Nu 550 in the market.

The BLDCL will make the eggs available for Nu 285 to Nu 305 per tray, depending on the location of the dzongkhags.

An official from the company said that advance payments were made to a dealer in Kolkata. “We are pressuring them to deliver at the earliest.”

The egg import is an interim measure to address the shortage in the market after contamination of feed affected 485,245 layer birds, causing daily egg production to drop from 382,490 eggs to 120,723 eggs.

Import clearance from the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority and the “blackout” delaying the advance payment has slowed down the import facilitation, the official said.

Another reason for the delay in receiving the eggs was a festival in Tamil Nadu.

The company initially talked with a dealer from Tamil Nadu, but the festival has delayed the import and the company wasn’t informed about the festival, the official said.

The company talked with the Department of Livestock and it was informed that the layer birds have started producing eggs again.

“Egg import will depend on the market situation and production from the poultry farms in the country,” the official said.