Bangladesh's youth should hold their heads high on the world stage, says Hasina

As part of a nation that won the Liberation War, the new generation of Bangladeshis should hold their heads high while presenting themselves on the world stage, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

”We’ve earned victory through a war. Our children, or the new generation, must hold their heads high as a victorious nation. They must maintain their dignity. Bangladesh is our country and we should make it a developed and prosperous one,” the prime minister said at the prize distribution ceremony of the ‘Bangabandhu Srijonshil Medha Onneshon 2022’ competition via video conferencing on Sunday.

Bangladesh has developed on many fronts, Hasina said, adding that almost every household in the country now has access to electricity.

The government has provided land and houses for the landless and homeless people. Access to education and health services have been provided to people from marginalised groups, she said. “We can push our nation forward with scientific research and the technologies we develop.”

The process of finding meritorious children is good because these children can lead Bangladesh towards development with their merit, Hasina said.

“I hope that all of you become skilled, and expand your knowledge and your merit to push Bangladesh forward.”

She highlighted her government’s initiatives to develop and modernise the education sector.

Sheikh Hasina thanked the organisers for including children with special needs and awarding them prizes in the programme.

Children with special needs can prove themselves in many sectors, she said.

"Therefore, we need to include them in everything. They are our children, our people. Those of us who have sound physical and mental health must remember that people with special needs are part of society. We should support them.”

She said the new generation must adopt the spirit of inclusiveness. They should get everyone on board in their journey to the future.

“Only then can we achieve success,” said Hasina.