Bangladesh’s qualified accountants could help start a BPO boom in the country

Hiring certified professional accountants is no cut-rate task in London, one of the world’s three financial capitals – New York and Hong Kong being the other two – and Monoj Kumar Talukder, a Bangladeshi expatriate there, realised that eight years ago.

Talukder, a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, was haemorrhaging money to keep four accountants in his firm registered in London.

“I spent a lot of money studying accountancy in London and was aware that people with such an expensive education should be compensated well,” said Talukder. “I first started my career at an accountancy firm in London with a good salary. So I knew the price I needed to pay,” he said.

At the start of 2013, Talukder was approached by an Indian firm, whose officials said they could provide certified accountants at half the cost. He began thinking if an Indian company could do so, why not one from Bangladesh. “I had left my country long ago but I got in touch with friends who said there are good accountants in Bangladesh who could work for me,” said Talukder.

One of Talukder’s friends gave him office space in Bangladesh’s Paltan and he started with one accountant. “Within a year, I formed a company named FirstServe Global and got it registered,” said Talukder. He took up a large office space in Monirpuripara. “Now, there are eight certified accountants working for London companies from their cubicles in Dhaka,” he said.

“As an accountant, I can tell you that Bangladeshis are good with numbers. The service I get from the Dhaka office is even better than that at my London office,” said Talukder.