Bangladesh's progress in 50 years extraordinary, says Dr Atiur

Notwithstanding political crises or natural calamities at different times in the past 50 years, Bangladesh has turned around incredibly.

The encouraging words came from none other than renowned economist and former Governor of Bangladesh Bank, Dr Atiur Rahman.

"Despite many challenges, Bangladesh has surpassed many neighbouring countries in terms of competency," he said at a seminar on Bangladesh’s progress in 50 years, reports UNB.

The seminar, titled 'Path to prosperity from ruins: Bangladesh progress toward inclusive development' was held at Redbridge Town Hall in East London on Thursday.

Another speaker, Bangladesh High Commissioner Muna Tasnim said that the country "is now a model of development in the western world, including Britain".

She also highlighted the steps taken by the current dispensation to ensure social safety net, starting from women's empowerment.

Redbridge Council leader Jas Athwal, on his part, said the Bangladeshi community living in the UK has been able to contribute to the country's development as well as adapt to the mainstream of Britain.

Another speaker, Mahmud Hasan, chairperson of the Liberation War Consciousness Development Center, highlighted the struggles, possibilities and success stories of the British-Bangladeshi community, in his speech.

Redbridge Council Mayor Thavathuray Jeyaranjan summed up by describing Bangladesh's achievements over the past 50 years as "outstanding".