Bangladesh’s assistance to Sri Lanka reminds the urgency of SAARC revival

As the island nation confronts a terrible economic and humanitarian food crisis, Sri Lanka’s prime minister has warned of a food shortage, promising to buy enough fertilizer for the upcoming planting season to enhance yields. Sri Lanka is pleading with its neighbors for food assistance as the country’s fiscal problem worsens into a humanitarian disaster. The government has applied for help from the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation’s food bank, which has previously provided rice and other necessities to member governments during food emergencies.

It’s worth noting that SAARC is currently dormant due to the Indo-Pak matter. However, all regional parties, including Pakistan and India, should work together this time to resurrect SAARC in order to maximize regional interests. India should be aware of present regional challenges and approach the resurrection of SAARC with pragmatism.

Bangladesh has agreed to provide potato aid to Sri Lanka in a bid to resolve the ongoing food crisis in the country. In the midst of the ongoing crisis, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has vowed that her country will deliver potatoes to Sri Lanka. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave the guarantee during a meeting with Esala Ruwan Weerakoon, Secretary-General of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

In times of difficulty, Bangladesh, as a friend and neighbor, stands ready to support Sri Lanka. It is true that, by working together, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other members of the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) can overcome the crisis. The assistance is intended to support the Government of Sri Lanka’s efforts in overcoming the looming humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka can benefit from such kind of bilateral assistance thus far.

At Ganabhaban (Bangladesh PM’s residence), Weerakoon paid a courtesy call on Bangladesh’s Prime Minister. Sheikh Hasina urged South Asian countries to cooperate together in the fight against poverty on Sunday, characterizing poverty as the region’s greatest opponent.

“We, the countries in this region, should work together to achieve our goals. Many issues can be resolved in a bilateral manner “She informed the Secretary-General of SAARC.

As a result of the country’s faltering economy, which has resulted in shortages of vital products, such as food, and a rise in food prices, families’ access to inexpensive, healthful meals has been hampered.

Malnutrition rates among children and women were significant even before the pandemic. Approximately 40% of primary-aged children were underweight for their height.

Bangladesh will send Sri Lanka a humanitarian potato relief package to help alleviate severe shortages caused by the country’s worst economic crisis in recent memory. They will be delivered to low-income families in various sections of the country.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stated that despite Bangladesh’s large population, the country may offer potatoes to Sri Lanka during this period.

She claimed that, in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak and the Ukraine-Russia war, Bangladesh has taken initiatives to increase food production.

Bangladeshi scientists are working to develop saline and drought-tolerant rice types, according to Sheikh Hasina.