Bangladesh protests as China attempts to steal credit for Padma Bridge

Bangladesh has protested vehemently against an attempt by China to steal credit for the construction of the Padma Setu (bridge).

Scrutiny would reveal that the reason for this most ridiculous behaviour on the part of the Chinese envoy in Dhaka is the anxiety in Beijing that its Belt and Road Initiative is losing steam. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs categorically asserts that the Padma Multipurpose Bridge has been entirely funded by the Government of Bangladesh and no foreign funds from any bilateral or multilateral funding agency have financially contributed to its construction,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh said in a statement prior to the formal opening of the bridge on June 25, by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

According to the Daily Star Bangladesh, the Foreign Ministry came up with this press statement after noticing that some quarters were trying to portray that the Padma Multipurpose Bridge had been constructed under the Chinese BRI and foreign funds.

Three days before the scheduled inauguration of the bridge, on June 22, a panel discussion was planned under the aegis of the Bangladesh China Silk Road Forum, a front organisation of BRI, under the title: ‘The Padma Bridge: An example of Bangladesh-China cooperation under the BRI’.