Bangladesh Knowledge Forum launched

Bangladesh Knowledge Forum (BKF), a platform for experts, policymakers, and other practitioners in related fields, was launched at a virtual ceremony on 3 January, 2022 with the objective of promoting a knowledge-based society.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Dr. Parvez Imdad, a former civil servant and economic analyst, explained BKF's objectives that aim at contributing to results-oriented institutional outputs and overall efficiency for accelerating progress and prosperity of the country. BKF, a knowledge collaboration platform, will support the promotion and expansion of knowledge and knowledge-driven inputs, tools, and mechanisms for the overall economic and social development of the country through public and private engagements.

"It is heartwarming to witness Bangladesh at a policy-level has strategized knowledge economy and knowledge society. We believe that there is a need for an advocacy group that complements the public strategy, especially at a time when the LDC graduation is being achieved," he added.

The First Executive Committee of the Bangladesh Knowledge Forum includes: President: Dr. Mohammed Parvez Imdad, Senior Vice-President: Niaz Rahim, Vice-Presidents: Ali Ashfaq and Advocate Seema Chowdhury, Secretary General: Prof. Dr. Shamsad Mortuza, Treasurer: Quazi Md. Mahmud Faisal, Executive Directors: Advocate Soliman Hossain; Economist Md. Golam Mortaza; and Engineer Md. Saidur Rahman, Joint Secretary-General: Rezvi Newaz, Executive Member: Nawshiba Arnob.