Bangladesh hits highest temperature in 7 years: 41.2 C

Bangladesh saw its highest temperature in seven years on Sunday, hitting a scorching 41.2 C (106.2 F), according to official figures.

After rising mercury since last week, the South Asian country saw 41.2 C in the southwestern region of Jessore, said the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD).

This broke through a record of 42 C in 2014, while other parts of the country saw sweltering highs of 39-41 C (102.2-105.8 F).

Environmental groups are also raising the alarm over a water crisis in southern Bangladesh. There has been little or no rain in most parts of the country even when seasonal rainfall was due.

Many women are suffering from disease due to using contaminated water, ActionAid Bangladesh said in a recent study.

As a victim of climate change, Bangladesh spends about $5 billion, about 2.5% of its GDP, on climate adaptation and resilience-building measures.

At last week’s virtual US-hosted climate summit, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called for immediate action by developed countries to reduce their carbon emissions to keep the global temperature rise to 1.5 C.

She also urged countries to stick to the annual target global fund of $100 billion with special attention to vulnerable communities.